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Automatic dispatch

Fast delivery is no longer impossible thanks to Citodi’s dynamic solutions. Inform in real time the algorithm of the new deliveries, it dispatches them in an optimal way!

You are an express courier company, you deliver meals to your home or you manage a fleet of car transport with driver.

Your business is one of the most complex in logistics: you don’t have a warehouse from which deliveries leave, your fleet is always on the ground and your drivers don’t know in advance what they will have to do, because neither do you. Orders come in as they go and you have to dispatch them optimally between your deliverymen. Delivery deadlines are tight, sometimes in less than half an hour, so the pooling of several collections is both very complex and the key to profitability for your business.

Indeed, the particularity and difficulty of your tours is that your drivers have to pick up the packages or meals at certain places to deliver them to others. Picking and delivery is clearly sub-optimal, especially if you have variable time horizons for delivery that you can use to have your deliverers make other pick-ups/deliveries in the meantime.

In addition, your deliverymen are frequently on two wheels, motorized or not, which limits their carrying capacity. Today, it is human dispatchers who carry out this extraordinarily complex work.

With Citodi technology, dispatch becomes simple and automatic

Simply add the new delivery orders to the system, which dispatches them in the field in an optimized way.

Your deliverymen only receive their next destination, which allows them to react quickly to any new mission.

The system manages waiting and repositioning times based on load prediction: if a driver has nothing to do, he is repositioned in an area where the system anticipates that orders will arrive.

You take advantage of Citodi’s real-time optimization capabilities to manage risks: late / absent / rescheduled customers, traffic evolutions, change of pickup location, driver breakdown, etc.

The benefits of this solution

With Citodi’s automatic dispatch, you improve:


The algorithm manages your entire fleet to find the best dispatch opportunities, for productivity gains between 10 and 30%.


Citodi algorithms are designed to maximize the sharing of journeys for ever greater profitability.


Thanks to intelligent wait time management, you always have a delivery person available where they are needed.

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